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Solving problems seen and heard in SOCs everywhere

If you find yourself constantly dealing with the issues below, we're here for you.

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Junior Analysts

1. All of the network data is encrypted! I can't figure anything out!

2. This alert seems pretty suspicious, but when I dug into the traffic I couldn't find anything meaningful!

3. This site is malicious, but I don't know how the user got to it!

4. This site is malicious, but I don't know if there's actually any impact to my organization!

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Senior Analysts

1. I don't want another "single pane of glass!"

2. The network alerts my SOC gets are almost always FPs.

3. We don't have enough time to triage our network alerts, so they're often ignored.

4. My team is well-versed in endpoint data, but we have little expertise in network data.

5. I believe there's value in network alerts, but it takes too much time and effort to get it!

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Threat Hunters

1. I enjoy reading about newly-discovered attacks and TTPs, but I wish we could understand what those TTPs look like in our environment.

2. We've failed to effectively capture knowledge about common activities in our environment that constantly trigger FPs.

3. We've built our own ELK stack for network detection, but we need help with triaging the alerts.

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Threat Researchers

1. I wish I could easily share my samples with others on my team.

2. I wish I could easily visualize and share this attack I found with the security community without worrying about leaking sensitive data.

3. I wish I understood how two attacks I've seen are related.

Clear and Concise Information

Clear and concise answers, backed up with evidence

We know you're busy and need the right answers as quickly as possible. We strive to provide exactly what you need in a concise, easy to understand format. If deeper investigation is required, the underlying evidence is just a click away.

Leading with cause and effect

New attack domains are a dime a dozen. But the platforms used to launch attacks and the impacts to organizations are not. Understanding how an attacker got in and what impact it had to your organization is critical for efficiently and effectively determining the appropriate response.

Sample Attack Vector
Community Context

Leverage the community

Don't repeat the same investigations over or burn precious time tracking down anomalies that turn out to be...not so anomalous. NetworkSage provides the context of the entire community at your fingertips!

Network data becomes shareable

Whether you want a second opinion on some behavior, or you're releasing the next big threat intelligence report, sharing your samples with others is easy!

Shareable Sample
APIs Coming Soon

Integrate with your existing workflows

We're building APIs to make sure that all of our insights can be accessed and pulled directly into your product or workflows. Your success is what matters, not whether you're using our UI.

Make alert fatigue a thing of the past!

Start using NetworkSage now to prioritize the right responses in record time!

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