the breach


it's too late.


Before ransomware, IP theft, and other major impacts occur, attackers must gain

initial access

. But identifying this stage is




, often leaving a

critical gap

in your defenses. NetworkSage provides the expertise and speed you need to stay out of the news.

Unknown attacks: discovered

Unknown attacks: discovered

NetworkSage is an expert system that understands what's happening in your data and provides clear recommendations on how to respond. No threat intelligence needed!

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Dig deeper

Need to understand an attack more? We've got you covered! NetworkSage can perform full categorization of your sample, providing you with deep insights about what happened and how.

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With an incredibly rich set of APIs, NetworkSage is ready to integrate with your existing workflows and provide value precisely where you need it!

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Compare across formats

Because NetworkSage operates on flow data, it's finally possible to compare data from different capture formats!

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Make alert fatigue a thing of the past!

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