SeclarityIO was founded in 2021 to address a critical problem that David experienced continuously in the field: understanding network traffic is incredibly hard. He observed this reality not only in his own work, but in helping others to interpret what they were seeing in their network traffic analysis platforms. After seeing this play out time and time again among hundreds of SOC analysts, Threat Researchers, and experienced professionals, he chose to think about how to solve the problem universally. This became the idea behind the NetworkSage platform.

Vladimir, an expert architect who has built many platforms from the ground up, joined early on in order to create a platform that can perform excellently at the scale required for a platform built to serve the security community.


David Pearson

David is the co-founder and CEO of SeclarityIO. During his career, he has spent time on the red team, blue team, and in deep research. He was formerly the Head of Threat Research at Awake Security. David has security degrees from the Rochester Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon, and has spoken and taught workshops at many top security conferences.


Vladimir Budilov

Vladimir is the co-founder and CTO of SeclarityIO. He is a seasoned technologist whose professional career has taken him in many different directions, including system administration, software development, and system design and architecture. In co-founding SeclarityIO, he has re-engaged with his true passion of creating tech startups.